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The Grassy Narrows tribe and the devastation of mercury poisoning
January 27th, 2017

The Crisis          
The Grassy Narrows tribe and the devastation of mercury poisoningBetween the years of 1962 and 1970 the Dryden Paper Mill, owned by Reed Ltd, dumped close to 10 tons of toxic waste in the Wabigoon River. The local Grassy Narrows tribe survived on fish from the Wabigoon River. In 1970 the Ontario government tested the fish from the river and discovered that they contained high levels of mercury. The tribe and local fisherman were informed that the fish were not fit for consumption. The government of Ontario advised the tribe to stop eating fish, however it was their main staple food and had no other options. The Ontario government initially sent $35,000 worth of frozen fish to the tribe. Read More…

The RCMP and the High River Gun Seizures
August 25, 2016

The Crisis           
The RCMP and the High River Gun SeizuresIn late June, 2013 southern Alberta experienced a series of floods considered to be the worst in Alberta’s history. The town of High River was the hardest hit by the disaster, residents of High River were ordered to evacuate. After the town was evacuated RCMP searched homes for isolated persons. They were also tasked with facilitating pet rescues and health and safety inspections. While the RCMP engaged in their search of vacant homes they kicked down doors and seized multiple firearms.  Initially the Mounties only seized illegally unsecured firearms in plain sight, however they later returned searched for legally secured firearms, totaling in 609 seized firearms. Read More…



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